Sustainability is another main element of our company

In addition to our objectives, strategies, products, cast of labour and reputation, there is another aspect that we as Amra Salt take into consideration and cannot
do without; sustainability.


High purity of salt reaching up to 99% freshly extracted from one of the most popular sea salt providers.


We do not neglect the less fortunate and the citizens of our country our any
others whom our hands can reach. 


The advanced capabilities and loyalty of our employees have always been a major pillar of Amra’s success.


“SASI” – (launched in 2000) is among the company’s top of three brands
alongside Amra, the most commonly used and sold and the one that holds the
widest product lines and range.

Amra Salt Co.

Amra Salt Co. is a Jordanian Factory established in 1986. The Dead Sea
Salinas is the Factory’s main sources of the raw salt.

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Why do cooks trust Sasi Food?

Keeping a high quality products and expert sourcing, chefs have trusted this brands for decades. Visit our products page to know more about our products kinds.